Join my 21-Day or Weight Loss Challenge! Starts Sunday, May 5 -26, 2019  


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I Want You to Join This Challenge ONLY IF:

  • You're ready to learn how to lose weight the right way and keep it off  
  • You want to learn how to plan meals that are easy to make AND tasty  
  • You need to switch from a diet mentality to 

a healthy lifestyle mindset

  • You want support and accountability to help you stay on track and be consistent  
  • You want to improve your spiritual fitness  
  • You want to earn prizes for losing weight!  

If this is you, then join my 21- Day WLT Warrior Challenge!

You'll learn all about the Weight Loss Transformation (WLT) Warriors - A Spirit, Mind & Body Approach that will help you achieve AND maintain your weight loss and wellness goals.

In 21 days, you’ll: 

  •  Learn how to lose weight the right way so you can keep it off 
  •  Lose 1-2 pounds per week 
  •  Learn how to prepare tasty meals that won’t leave you feeling deprived
  •  Feel better and have more energy
  •  Be eligible to win prizes  

For 21 days, you'll have a FREE VIP Pass to the WLT Warrior Club where you'll have access to:

  • Three weeks of meal plans (includes vegetarian/vegan dishes)
  • Virtual Orientation sessions to jump start your weight loss and wellness program
  • Six, live, virtual groups for maximum support (attend via your computer, any mobile device, or phone)
  • Daily scriptures for spiritual fitness
  • Daily inspirational messages sent directly to you mobile device via the WLT App


Win prizes by posting the most meal and exercise pics in the WLT App Warrior Private Chat Room. 

1ST PRIZE - The top 5 challengers will receive a free 30-minute nutrition counseling session to customize your food, exercise and wellness plan. This is a $150 value.

2ND PRIZE - 5 runners-up will receive a free, one-month membership to the WLT Warrior program.  

3RD PRIZE - 30 runners-ups will receive a nutrition and wellness goodie bag that can include: a food scale, measuring cups and spoons, infuser water bottles, recipe books, plus more!  

The Goodie Bags are generously sponsored by Humana! 


Step 1: Join the Challenge by filling out the short form below 

Step 2: When you receive the 'Welcome to the WLT Warrior Challlenge' email, follow the instructions to download the app and create a user profile so you can access the WLT Warrior section.

Step 3: Review and select your Meal Plans, RSVP for the upcoming live groups, and begin posting your pics! 


Join the WLT Warrior 21-Day Challenge:

The Challenge Starts Sunday, May 5th - Sunday, May 26th, 2019