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Are You Ready For Your Transformation?

Are you tired of …  

  • being overweight? 
  • not being able to fit into all your clothes? 
  • feeling sluggish and not having enough energy
  • fighting your food and sugar cravings?  

I can relate! I fought a losing battle with food for over 25 years! Then I asked God to help me on my weight loss journey, and He answered my prayers. I've maintained a 115 pound weight loss since 2002. My life was transformed forever!

I created The 7 Spiritual Principles for Your Weight Loss Transformation to help you finally get to the body you desire! This book will:

  • Show you why you need God on your weight loss journey if you want to be victorious 
  • Provide the blueprint to create a tasty meal plan with foods you actually like so you'll stay on track (no need for cheat days!!)
  • Give you the tools to manage ANY challenge, obstacle or temptation
  • Teach you how to lose weight the right way and keep it off! 
  • Help you finally break free from your struggle with food!

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I recently purchased this book on my Kindle; however, it is such an amazing read that I had to also order a hard copy for myself and a few others. This book has been such an inspiration for me. Having faced so many challenges in my own journey, the 7 Spiritual Principles that are offered in this book, not only enlightened me initially, but also gave me the initiative to want to take concrete action. I really received that God wants to be a part of my journey. If you tried over and over again to become a better you overall with little to no results, then this book is for you! Thank you Elizabeth Madison!!!  

Cassandra Dancy-Potts


Two years ago, my weight was spiraling out of control. Although I tried various weight loss diets - some fads and some traditional - nothing was working for me. I saw Elizabeth's program in the Love Express Christian Newspaper, and decided to give it a try. She was non-judgmental as she listened to my up and down weight journey. She took the time to learn my lifestyle, eating and cooking habits. She made me feel comfortable as she helped me to design a food program that was balanced, healthy and worked with my lifestyle. She supported me when I was on track and off track. We celebrated when I wore clothes that I previously could not wear. And, I could always contact her when I needed help. Elizabeth got me stabilized so the weight could come off making me no longer at risk for diabetes. Today, I feel healthier, slimmer, and comfortable with my new appearance. Thank you so much Elizabeth for all that you have done for me!



The book is amazing, can't remember but the last time I went from cover to cover and enjoyed what I read. It has sparked a new willingness and awareness for me.

Kim Harris


I am a Registered Nurse and know the complications of diabetes as well as being dependent on medication. Two of my brothers are diabetics. My first decision was to see a nutritionist. That was the best decision I've ever made. Elizabeth's program is one of the best. She made me feel as if I was the most important person when she spent the time with me. It was a pleasure attending her classes. I've learned so much that will help me for life. With her help I've learned how to manage my A1C and weight with ease. 

R. Fulton


"Elizabeth Madison is a person blessed with vision, leadership, and perseverance. She is one of the few people you meet who is really passionate about helping others see their divine purpose in life. We use so many distractions and excuses to avoid the journey towards our true purpose. Food is the most common and most socially acceptable distractions in our society. We eat to avoid feeling our feelings. We eat when we are bored. We eat when we are disappointed. Eating calms us and helps us avoid the things that need to be addressed. Elizabeth works with a divine awareness to help you chip away at all the distractions and figure out what is really affecting her clients. I have worked with her for over a year. It has helped me lose weight and gain a better understanding of how I was using food as a crutch to avoid reconciling my real issues. Elizabeth is mindful of the grace we all have been given and how to get her clients to acknowledge it so that they can begin to use it to their benefit. Her help and support has truly changed my life. 

Lisa C.J. 


Elizabeth Madison is one of top Registered Dietitians in New York City. She is passionate about helping her clients who come from all walks of life. She takes her greatest satisfaction from seeing them progress towards healthy lives. Mrs. Madison took her time explaining and engaging me, and answered all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Mrs. Madison services to any one needing a Dietitian. She knows her craft and really cares and you will reach your goal. If you are in need of a GREAT DIETITIAN look NO FURTHER.

Alma Rogers 

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